Monday, October 17, 2011

Sharing my Barbies

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This is a  Steve McElroy Framed - Love of Barbie - for Mattel Barbie Artist Series One of 15 Artist Proof and below in blue is - Barbie's World -
Measurement with Frame is a total of ca. 31x21 inches.
It is one of only 15 Artist Proofs, hand embellished and signed by the artist, non replaceable and expected to gain value over time.

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Did you play with Barbie when you were growing up?  Memories? These Barbies are pieces of art and I am happy and proud to share them with you.  The artist is
Steve McElroy who was Commissioned by Mattel to paint Barbie as part of an Artist Series in 2000 and to commemorate Barbie's 40th Anniversary Celebration in a series to be used in the company's puzzles and other secondary market products.
Mattel also received permission from the Andy Warhol Estate to include his Barbie, painted before his death in the same series, making Steve McElroy the living artist in the series and Andy Warhol the Artist past. (comes with provenance email from the artist)
The Original "Love of Barbie" hangs in Bel Air California in the collection of Jill Barad, who used to be Chairwoman at Mattel. She also owns the original to the Andy Warhol Barbie which was used in the series. Click on link  and read more  about this artist

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