Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking back 2011 and looking forward to 2012


All of maxwellvintage VIP (Very important Person) Customers have made 2011 a great Year.   

Thank you  from the bottom of my heart.

These are the changes maxwellvintage made in 2011

Moneybookers was added to maxwellvintage payment options.  

Hopefully more of maxwellvintage customers will take advantage of this very secure way to pay. If you don’t like PayPal, Moneybookers is the way to go. Of course maxwellvintage still has the PayPal payment option available.

New categories, Style and Themes in maxwellvintage eBay store for easier browsing and shopping.

A Weekly Free giveaway   on maxwellvintage FB page (only valid in USA)  go to maxwellvintage on facebook

2956 Feedback received . Thank you for your reviews and feedback. I appreciate every one of you

Email  Campaign  No more than once a month or less maxwellvintage will send VIP Customers a quick email with special offers. You have an option to opt out of this, however I do hope you stay and enjoy the ability to be first to be in the know of special prices.

Once you receive your first email you may opt out of the email list and never receive any updates from maxwellvintage again. 

  Payment required within 4 days to help defray costs of unpaid items and ability to re list quicker, so that others have a chance to purchase the item. 

2012 continues with 

  • Wonderful customer service  
  • Quick shipping
  • Unique items with Buy Now or Make Offer option
  • Great Prices
  • And more good things to come for us all

Happy New Year

Friday, December 30, 2011


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Kicking off After Holiday SALES



 International  Buyers please Check Shipping Calculator before bidding. Thank you

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let Silver and Gold add Sparkle and Light to your home

click on this picture to see how to add sparkle and light to your home. 

Modern Elegance for today (in lots for one price) maxwellvintage has what you need.

and then there is GOLD
tone sparkle. Oh Joy on the table, in a sculpture, an antique Jewelry Box

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Your Style is? Or a mixture? Find out

You are in a antique Mood

- unique
- rich
- ornate
- traditional

You love 
- Zen
- Meditate
- Strength

You are

Your Style
-mid century

is your thing

Fashionable in the Wild West

Whimsey is your game

-on the go
-collector of many things

Friday, November 25, 2011

It is all about options and choices this Holiday Season

click on picture to see this fabulous Clothique Santa from Germany

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Feast and the shopping frenzy that seems to emerge the night after Thanksgiving. I chose to sleep late and enjoy a leisurely breakfast instead. Truly for some the Holiday season would not start without an exhausting day at the Mal.  And that is ok.

I as well as maxwellvintage believe in options and choices and so do most of maxwellvintage customers. 

In an effort to make this Holiday Shopping Season even more
easy and pleasurable from the comfort of your home
 click on the picture and read more about this charming country angel

I have added a new payment option to all of my listings starting today.

Many of you may already know and those of you who do not, let me introduce you to


 which offers
  • no buyer sign-up required!
  • Industry leading risk and fraud management 
  • experienced risk and fraud teams scan and validate the safety of your transactions with some of the most advanced scoring and anti-fraud protection tools available. We lead the way in developing and refining these techniques so you and your money are safe with Skrill (Moneybookers).


    Moneybooker security measures are designed to do just one thing. Keep you safe. Along with the highest encryption standards, we continually update our system to tackle any emerging threat. Which means you and your money are protected.

    All my ebay items should now show the Moneybooker payment option in addition to PayPal, which of course is still a very valid payment method. 

    So you really have the choice to either pay for your maxwellvintage purchase with PayPal or choose Moneybookers for a quick and hassle free secure payment with your credit card, debit card, or bank account.

    As always message me anytime for questions or concerns. Thank you 

    You and your feedback are very much appreciated
soon it is time for Christmas Light Displays again. Oh what fun ♥

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shopping Cart

Ebay rolled out their new Shopping Cart feature just in time for the Holiday Season. So now it became even easier to shop. Add your item to your shopping cart, check out, or continue shopping and check out when you are ready.  There is a feature to delete an item from your shopping cart as well. 

 All items in your shopping cart are still available to other shoppers until you have paid for the item. So don't forget to pay or you may still lose the item. This is especially important with one of a kind pieces, such as maxwellvintage store  is offering.  Browse and shop in the new store categories. 

You can now shop for a certain look and style.
Explore, Enjoy, Be inspired with beautiful decorative pieces without decorator prices. And that is not all discover unique fashion, clocks and time pieces and so much more.

If you make an offer and it is accepted by maxwellvintage art, you will receive an  invoice from which you can pay the item with your credit card through PayPal or with your PayPal account and Starting Nov. 26 with Moneybookers.  Payment is appreciated within 8 days of purchase. Thank you

Most all of maxwellvintage jewelry are FREE Shipping (a gift from me to you). If you have any questions please feel free to message me anytime. Preferably before you commit to a purchase. THANK YOU and Happy Holidays (Turkey Day is soon)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Sharing my Barbies

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This is a  Steve McElroy Framed - Love of Barbie - for Mattel Barbie Artist Series One of 15 Artist Proof and below in blue is - Barbie's World -
Measurement with Frame is a total of ca. 31x21 inches.
It is one of only 15 Artist Proofs, hand embellished and signed by the artist, non replaceable and expected to gain value over time.

(click on picture to see more, return arrow will take you back to this post)

Did you play with Barbie when you were growing up?  Memories? These Barbies are pieces of art and I am happy and proud to share them with you.  The artist is
Steve McElroy who was Commissioned by Mattel to paint Barbie as part of an Artist Series in 2000 and to commemorate Barbie's 40th Anniversary Celebration in a series to be used in the company's puzzles and other secondary market products.
Mattel also received permission from the Andy Warhol Estate to include his Barbie, painted before his death in the same series, making Steve McElroy the living artist in the series and Andy Warhol the Artist past. (comes with provenance email from the artist)
The Original "Love of Barbie" hangs in Bel Air California in the collection of Jill Barad, who used to be Chairwoman at Mattel. She also owns the original to the Andy Warhol Barbie which was used in the series. Click on link  and read more  about this artist

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cowboys and Indians and Givenchy. I love it!

I wanted to write about fashion. It fascinates me but where do I start? Hmmmm............
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Well, we all have to dress. How we dress is our choice. Do we go with the newest trends, or are we sticking with classic?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


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Every year about this time
you start octobering.
You’ve long tired of
juning and julying
and it’s too early
to go decembering.

It’s as if the world
has turned brown, yellow,
red, and mostly orange.
Everywhere pumpkins pop up,
in the field next door,
on the window sill,
in the reflections
in your autumnish eyes.

You were made for fall,
or was it designed for you?
The tart crispness of nights,
the tart ripeness of late harvest
fruit, the tart taste of things
dying, yes, dying but
not yet dead.

As for me, I’ll go marching,
marching forward toward May,
the month of warmth and
expectation, the season of blues and greens,
in which, of course,
lie the saps and syrups
of darker colors.

Sonny Rainshine

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bored and Wanting More

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Do you ever go to a mall and feel bored?

I do. I love to shop for all kinds of things but lately the mall, the dollar store, the large Department stores and decorator stores leave me wanting for more….

More individuality, more color, more zest, more uniqueness, more….. Quality with less Price

Buying unique vintage and fabulous antiques has spoiled me. 

Can I please brag for a minute? Ok, my home decor looks like no other I have seen. My office feels like I am stepping into a decorator magazine. (yes it is a matter of taste, I know) My fashion sense is edgy and up to date.

Don’t get me wrong I still add the occasional new piece but at the same time live the expression of my soul. 

Follow me and stop at maxwellvintage store on eBay. Find Plates for your china cabinet or wall, Art Pieces, Glass and Figurines, Sculptures and Jewelry and not just for yourself but as gifts for likeminded.  

Maxwellvintage is ready to wow you with over 800 items. Take the leap. Forget the mall.

Friday, September 23, 2011


(clicking on picture will take you to the listing in maxwellvintage store, use the back arrow to come back to this blog)

What do you expect when you purchase a vintage ornate wall clock, the pre-owned bracelet, or the wonderful glass bowl that was Great Grandma’s pride and joy? 

If you are fascinated by older things or even the occasional antique you expect beauty with some imperfections that time inevitably has left.  After all this piece has a story to tell, like a face wrinkled with a lifetime of emotions. 

I hope you can understand it, maybe even be in awe of it, or feel warm with memories.

A few scratches and loss of color or gold is to be expected and does not diminish the beauty or the functionality of an older piece that has delighted many generations.

Good condition is an item with obvious signs of age and previous usage but still shines.

Maxwellvintage grades all used and previously owned items as in good condition. If there are concerns such as scratches, chips, repairs, crazing etc., it will be mentioned separately in the description.  Please make sure you read the entire listing and know what you buy. 

Unless you can see beauty in the signs of age you will not understand these gorgeous items that were left to us as heritage from a previous generation.  Let us treat each one with respect and with Love.

September 2011 Guest Blog by Carl Cordon


For all of you interested in militaria this was not a toy

Picture yourself...flying through the skies of Europe or the South Pacific during World War 2 in a B-24 Liberator on your way to drop a load of bombs on the're the bombadier and you are setting up your bombsight, the army's newest top secret device the Norden Bombsight, knowing you will literally destroy what you are aiming for...

This Norden Bombsight made U.S. high level bombing extremely lethal during World War 2 into the Vietnam War. Basically the sight was programmed hooked into the aircrafts' auto pilot and took over the airplane during its' bombing run.

This is very heavy and weighs 44 pounds unpackaged with its' carrying tray. The tray was used as the sight was removed after each mission as its' classification was top secret.
This sight was purchased by our client after the sights were declassified in the early 1950's and the other one they owned has been donated for display at the US Air Force armament museum at Eglin Air Force Base.

View a real Norden Bombsight on ebay here:

by Carl Gordon

Please visit Carl Gordon's Facebook page at Emerald Coast Toys and "like " can access his ebay listings from there.

Follow him on Twitter (I am) at: emeraldcoastoys

Thanks Carl. I enjoyed this very interesting mini article and am looking forward for more from the world of toys.

In the Eye of the Beholder For What Its Worth

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You may have messaged maxwellvintage to ask what is the worth of the gorgeous item found in an aunt's attic or maybe you wanted to know how maxwellvintage determines the prices for the many fabulous items, such as Carnival Glass, Rosenthal, Kaiser and other European Porcelain Manufactures, Jewelry, Art, and over 800 items  sold in the maxwellvintage store on eBay.

Unfortunately most of the time I have to disappoint and tell you that I am not an appraiser nor am I an authority on antiques, vintage or collectibles other than I recognize beauty and rarity.

The more unusual it is the more I will cherish it. But that is just me.  As we all know Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

A much better source for prices and history of porcelain and everything else antique is

The Kovels a go to for prices and news

I remember seeing the Kovel TV Show many times years ago and how fascinated I was by the down to earth Ralph and Terry Kovel.  I don't think there is anyone who has not heard of these two wonderful professionals.

Hope you enjoy your hunt for that one special treasure. Remember maxwellvintage has over 800 wonderful items with a buy it now or make offer option. My opinion, for what its worth is, get your maxwellvintage item now, then let us all know what you found.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

De La Nuez Nelson

Framed Urban Cherubs Seriolithograph 784/850 regular numbered De La Nuez Nelson

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Imari, Schwarzburger Art Statue, Radnor, Quadrifoglio, Germany US Zone, Homco,Corday Perfume, Antique, Vintage, Collection

Click on picture to see all the details. Love it

maxwellvintage antique, decor, vintage collections - qsell
Vintage Japan Blue Teapot with Gold Pheasant Decor
Vintage Carved Meerschaum Pipe Grapes with Leaves
Wood Horse Sculpture With Brass and Tile Inlays
Schwarzburger Porcelain Art Statue Cavalier Tricorn Hat
Handmade Radnor Bone China Floral Basket Staffordshire
3 Deep White Blue Porcelain Plates Quadrifoglio Italy
6.25 inch Floral IMARI Ware Plate Japan
8 inch Intaglio Heavy Glass Plate 3 Hummingbirds
Asian Porcelain Plate Raised Gold Decor Geishas
2 Handpainted Antique Japan Plates Geishas
Goldtone Multi Pastel Color Floral Bib Necklace
Crochet Miniature Teapot and 2 Cups Ornaments
2 Long Silk Ball Christmas Tree Garlands
2.75 inch Angel with Trumpet Germany US Zone
Vintage Japan Porcelain Figurine Girl with Basket
HOMCO White Porcelain Geisha Statue 1443
Tooled Leather Briefcase with Organizer Compartment
White Plastic Frame Mod Sunglasses
Givenchy France Vintage Gold tone Pierced Earrings
Large Wood Plaques Decor 1 Goat 2 Chicken 1 Lamb
Silvertone Textured Link Chain Necklace by Napier
Silvertone Xanadu Quartz Watch Pendant Necklace
Goldtone Whiting and Davis Bead Necklace
Corday Possession Creme Perfume Compact Unicorn
Musical Brass Pendant Japanese Chokin Landscape Decor
Patina Brass Pendant With Seed Pearls Green Brown Agate
Ronica Quartz Watch Crystal Bezel Wide Silvertone Band
3 Metal Silvertone Napkin Rings Holders Angels
Large Gold Tone Heraldry Brooch And Pendant IVANA
Disney Pirate of the Caribbeans Heart Pendant Necklace

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Click on picture for more detail. 
All items have a buy now or make offer option.

 maxwellvintage antique and vintage collections
- qsell

Santa 3 Section Tray and Trivet Christopher Radko

Large 1993 Fitz Floyd Omnibus Santa Ceramic Plate

Russ Ceramic Vase 5510 Bitsy and Beau

Royal Adderley Floral Bone China England Dogwood

Kaiser W Germany Porcelain Plate Christmas Tree

Animated  Wood Cork Bottle Stopper Man Lifting Hat

Small Handpainted Herend Hungary Porcelain Vase

Carborundum Sharpening Stone in Original Vintage Box

Black Stone Pendant With Brass Inlay Flower

Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac Glass

Signed RS/AS Navajo USA Pot with Black Graphic Design

Sharp Point  20 YR Gold Filled Pencil Malachite Holder

Large Ornate Brass Crumb Brush and Tray Set

Mikasa 24Kt Gold Trim Heart Bowl Plate Narumi Japan

Embassy USA Vitrified China Soup Bowl Plate Gardenia


Lenox USA Cup and Saucer Gold Decor Neptune

2 Unglazed Porcelain Angel Putti Busts Art Production

2 White Unglazed Porcelain Children Putti Busts Statues

Dated 87 Signed Oil Painting on Canvas 4 Ladies Quilt

Antique German Porcelain Lace Figurine Ballerina

3.5 inch Antique Porcelain Lace Figurine Ballerina

Antique Porcelain Lace Figurine Lady on Chair

18 inch 14Kt 585 Gold Figaro Chain Necklace

Pewtertone Metal Butterfly Bead Necklace

Silvertone Brighton Wristwatch Hollywood Brown Leather

Iridescent White Carnival Glass Perfume Atomizer Bottle

Large Porcelain Vase Butterflies Gold Outlined

Christopher Radko 65 Roses Santa Ornament

Royal Doulton Bunnykins Infant Set Cup and Bowl

Goldtone Necklace with Iridescent Beads Pendant

Painted Seascape Art on Natural Oyster Shell

Iridescent Rhinestones on  Metal Hinged Cuff Butterfly

Filigree Silvertone Hinged Cuff Rhinestone Butterfly

Silvertone Metal with Rhinestones Hinged Cuff 

14KT Italy Aurafin Gold Chain 10K Angel Pendant