Friday, September 23, 2011


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What do you expect when you purchase a vintage ornate wall clock, the pre-owned bracelet, or the wonderful glass bowl that was Great Grandma’s pride and joy? 

If you are fascinated by older things or even the occasional antique you expect beauty with some imperfections that time inevitably has left.  After all this piece has a story to tell, like a face wrinkled with a lifetime of emotions. 

I hope you can understand it, maybe even be in awe of it, or feel warm with memories.

A few scratches and loss of color or gold is to be expected and does not diminish the beauty or the functionality of an older piece that has delighted many generations.

Good condition is an item with obvious signs of age and previous usage but still shines.

Maxwellvintage grades all used and previously owned items as in good condition. If there are concerns such as scratches, chips, repairs, crazing etc., it will be mentioned separately in the description.  Please make sure you read the entire listing and know what you buy. 

Unless you can see beauty in the signs of age you will not understand these gorgeous items that were left to us as heritage from a previous generation.  Let us treat each one with respect and with Love.


  1. Well we "met" on face book on "share a link" came over to check you out and now I am off to check out your ebay store!!!!

    I understand and agree, chips, cracks, crazing etc is all apart of the wonderful world of collecting. I never turn down a treasure because of a "fault", it only makes it more special in my eyes....what is the story behind that little mishap :)

    New to blogging, but not new to collecting, hope there is something pink over there!


  2. Thanks Wendy, I appreciate your comment. Glad you found something :)