Friday, September 23, 2011

September 2011 Guest Blog by Carl Cordon


For all of you interested in militaria this was not a toy

Picture yourself...flying through the skies of Europe or the South Pacific during World War 2 in a B-24 Liberator on your way to drop a load of bombs on the're the bombadier and you are setting up your bombsight, the army's newest top secret device the Norden Bombsight, knowing you will literally destroy what you are aiming for...

This Norden Bombsight made U.S. high level bombing extremely lethal during World War 2 into the Vietnam War. Basically the sight was programmed hooked into the aircrafts' auto pilot and took over the airplane during its' bombing run.

This is very heavy and weighs 44 pounds unpackaged with its' carrying tray. The tray was used as the sight was removed after each mission as its' classification was top secret.
This sight was purchased by our client after the sights were declassified in the early 1950's and the other one they owned has been donated for display at the US Air Force armament museum at Eglin Air Force Base.

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by Carl Gordon

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Thanks Carl. I enjoyed this very interesting mini article and am looking forward for more from the world of toys.

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